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Eltial Security and Investigation Firm Group offers a 24/7 video monitoring service to its commercial and industrial clients worldwide. The primary advantage of an online surveillance system like this is that it is operational around the clock.

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24/7 Video Monitoring

Our real-time video surveillance system allows a single person to man several screens simultaneously. I eliminate the need for deploying a security guard in every room, floor, or premise/location. You can catch an ongoing suspicious or criminal activity on your security camera and help investigation agencies find the culprits.

Remote Surveillance

Automatically find and follow persons and vehicles of interest with our unique Software Technology Services. Automatically capture video that is usually missed using our excellent Intelligent CCTV Cameras. Our Video Analytics Software expertise automatically detects and confirms incidents, automatically identifies, indexes, re-identifies, and cross-checks people, faces, vehicles, and number plates. Securely transmit, store and use this new intelligence for rapid response and investigations.

It is another powerful feature offered by Eltial Security and Investigation Firm Group that allows our clients to conduct remote surveillance across the world. It enables you to access your video even when you’re not on-site. In addition, you can receive security alerts and images by SMS and email or push notifications on IOS and Android platforms. Particularly, from our automated surveillance system.

Remote Cam
This smartphone app allows you to view a live feed of your complete surveillance system anytime from your cell phone or tablet.

Eltial Security and Investigation Firm Video AI and Machine Learning/Algorithms Prevent False Alarm Detection.

Many companies face false alarm issues at their facilities. Therefore resulting in wasting crucial time on unnecessary investigations. Consequently, false alarms can trigger by bugs, trees/leaves, shadows, reflections, lights, wind, and weather conditions. Eltial Security and Investigation Firm Group uses advanced AI technology to reduce the number of false alarms significantly. For this reason, our advanced AI cloud-based faulty alarm filtering technology reduces false alarms by up to 97%.

Eltial Security and Investigation Firm’s video monitoring software focuses on triggering true alarms. Including actual human activity, like identifying a person walking through a construction site, a man carrying a flashlight from a distance, vehicle movement on-site or within the area of interest, and additional related activities.

Our video monitoring software also focuses on filtering out false alarms. In addition, it includes changing weather conditions, like lightning, animal activity, vehicle movement outside the area of interest, and other related activities.

Overall, Eltial Security and Investigation Firm, video monitoring and surveillance can integrate with other software, which offers the following capabilities:

• True Alarm Detection
• Filtering out False Alarms
• Face Detection
• Identifying Customer Counting Table
• Crowd Detection
• Time Analysis of Queue Management
• Perimeter Monitoring
• Intrusion Detection
• Vehicle License Plate Identification

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