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Our experts protect our client’s brand, business operations, and property by delivering dependable and scalable programs as part of a service commitment.

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Global Safety & Security Accommodations

Our engagements often begin with a thorough threat and vulnerability investigation. Depending on your security accommodation requirements we can supply armed and unarmed executive protection agents, electronic security systems, access control, perimeter tours, obstacles, and alarms.

We also evaluate and enhance your security policies and procedures. As well as provide protection, and security accommodation awareness training to your family, employees, and guests. Additionally, if necessary, we will construct a secure impenetrable safe room. Complete with an internal oxygen supply, electricity, food, and water. As well as a stand-alone communication system that is not dependent on any ordinary LAN line or Cellular service.

Eltial Security and Investigation Firm's, Global Security Operations, leads four regional teams. Focused on protecting you or your business’s team's facilities around the world. Our team will design an effective physical security operations program that is tailored to your organization's operational risk profile.

Staff at Eltial Security and Investigation Firm are smart and experienced professionals with shown expertise. Leading a worldwide team in international corporations. Our personnel at Eltial Security and Investigation Firm have a proven track record of designing and implementing security accommodation programs tailored to the corporate culture, and stakeholder goals of our clients.

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Security guard monitoring modern CCTV cameras in surveillance room.