Insurance Investigation

Our insurance investigators in help save insurers a great deal of money by avoiding fraudulent claims. Our insurance investigations have assisted WORLDWIDE companies. Through gaining evidence to avoid paying out on personal injury, health insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, mobile phone, and motor vehicle claims made illegally.

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Do you have a personal claim against you?

Have you had a personal injury claim brought against you? Are you unsure whether the claim is legitimate but don't know how to get to the heart of the situation? Get in touch with us today so that we can find out how best to support you in discovering the truth of these challenging situations.

Fraudulent Insurance Claim Investigator

Soft fraud
Soft fraud can be pretty standard, especially for personal injury claims. Someone with a genuine injury may exaggerate their situation, e.g., their ability to work or enjoy life. Coupled with the length of recovery time to get the most comprehensive insurance payout possible.

Personal injuries are difficult to measure, so insurance companies often use our fraud investigators to conduct surveillance. We can help them to verify the insurance claim and to establish if the claim is genuine. Similarly, claimants may submit a fraudulent insurance claim for injuries sustained before the policy start date. Again, our private detectives can provide an in-depth background check of the claimant's history.

Hard fraud
Complex fraud occurs when a claim is made for an engineered situation such as a vehicle collision or fire & theft, covered by their insurance policy to receive payment for damages. Many criminal gangs use traditional complex fraud schemes to fund their illegal activities.

It is not just the insurance company that benefits. As they do not pay out to these fraudsters, but the rest of us too. When an insurance company has to keep paying out on fraudulent claims, it increases insurance premiums WORLDWIDE.

Insurance Investigations
Our insurance investigators regularly assist with a wide variety of fraud cases, including:

• Fraudulent personal injury claims
• Health insurance fraud
• Travel insurance fraud
• Home insurance fraud
• Mobile phone insurance fraud
• Fraudulent motor vehicle claims

Personal Injury Insurance Investigations
Personal injury claims are often legitimate. As well as an essential way for people to claim money back for accidents that have impacted their life, health, and work. You may, however, find yourself suspicious all too often.

If you or your company faces a claim for personal injury. It is necessary to ensure that the claim is valid. After all, no one wants to pay out money unnecessarily or be blamed for situations they are not responsible for.

It is possible that you could encounter personal injury fraud, and if this goes undetected, it could have some substantial repercussions for you personally and for your company. In many cases, we will find that the claims are fabricated in both injury and the compensation needed – it is well worth taking the time to uncover these fraudulent activities.

Car Accident Claim Investigation
Personal injury can happen in a variety of settings. We handle a combination of these claims, predominantly claimants who have experienced car crashes. Car accidents can be incredibly damaging and challenging, with many claims being legitimate and paid out. However, in some cases, claimants will exaggerate the extent of their injuries. Or return later to make secondary claims years after the accident itself, suggesting that they have suffered long-term pain and may even claim they cannot work.

Such claims may be difficult to prove, even for an insurance company. We can help you with these difficult decisions by deploying our specialist surveillance operators and seeing how the claimants spend their days. In some cases, this has led to the discovery that they are making fraudulent insurance claims by simply obtaining video evidence of the claimant undertaking activities that dispute their claims.

Workplace Injury Fraud
Perhaps unsurprisingly, workplace injury fraud is one of the most frequent personal injury claims made. It can happen even in office environments. However, it is most likely to occur in industries that involve manual handling. In many cases, companies put strict safety procedures to ensure their staff's physical well-being and mitigate any financial harm that can come with a personal injury claim.

Accidents will happen even with precautions in place, but if an employee has made a claim which does not seem to match their injury, then you may wish to investigate further. We can support you by providing conclusive evidence in the form of video recordings. Using this method, we will track your employee in a completely discreet and legal manner and find out whether or not they are behaving consistently with the claim they have made.

If they claim they are unfit to work, we can use surveillance starting at their home address and provide you with all the proof you need regarding the veracity (or lack thereof) of their claim.

Personal Injury Fraud Investigations
National Private Investigators can support you with various personal injury fraud investigations throughout Many countries. You will start your journey with a confidential call with one of our friendly and experienced case handlers.

We will gather all the necessary information during this call. We employ ex-military private detectives who have extensive experience in surveillance and can investigate the claim accordingly. Afterward, we will provide surveillance logs and time/date stamped video footage, which can disprove fraudulent claims.

Personal Injury Surveillance
Our operatives work mainly by conducting personal injury surveillance on the claimant to discover whether the claims are false or legitimate. To ensure that any claims made against the claimant may be successfully contested during the trial, our investigators are trained to efficiently utilize the video footage of the claimant.

A thorough background investigation will also be undertaken to discover whether there is online evidence that can be used to support the claim. We will obtain video footage legally and discreetly based on information gathered from the background investigation. We are experts in detecting when someone has injuries that are not genuine or less serious than claimed – this will come out during the investigation.

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