Businesses of all sizes need a proper IT framework as it is crucial to your day-to-day business operations.

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IT Framework

Think about this: What happens if your server goes down, phishing attacks corrupt email communications, your devices aren't encrypted, or your laptop won't start? Not only would your business lose valuable time and money, but it can also cause reputational damage. Your IT infrastructure should be efficient, always accessible, and fit for purpose. It should also be providing a stable platform that evolves and supports the company as it grows.

Eltial Security And Investigation Firm offers a wide range of IT Infrastructure Services in London, including new IT Infrastructure Solutions and enhancing existing Infrastructure setups. Our specialist IT Consultants can, of course, ensure that your IT framework is future-proof and capable of meeting long-term business objectives, as well as providing an efficient solution in the here and now. Overall, Eltial Security And Investigation Firm is an expert at designing, managing, and implementing IT Infrastructure and IT Security Solutions. We begin the process by performing an audit of the current setup and provide strategic recommendations for improvements while recommending the latest technology and security compliance, as well as Data Storage and Backup solutions.

What is IT Infrastructure?

IT Infrastructure is the tools and components of an organization's internal and external IT Network setup. Here are a few examples of IT infrastructure.

• IT Network equipment – including any routers
• Business Applications and Hardware – including CRM systems
• Business Telephony – including internet, VoIP, and Mobile
• Data centers and other facilities which house the framework
• Power equipment – including backup services and power supplies
• Document Management systems– e.g., Microsoft SharePoint
• Information monitoring and security systems – e.g., Sophos, Sophos Intercept X, and Cisco Meraki

Infrastructure and operations are vital aspects of your business: mission-critical, critical to your bottom line, and necessary for providing a great customer experience. Which is why you should leave the responsibility for infrastructure and operations to the technology experts.

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