hotel security

Hotel security requires vigilance and discretion in a delicate balance. There should be a sense of relaxation and enjoyment for customers while at the same time feeling safe and secure. Also, Eltial Security and Investigation Firm has spent many years developing Hotel Security services that are unobtrusive, guest-friendly, and effective.

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Hotel Security Services

Security in a hotel requires a high level of skill and experience. At our firm, we have an exceptionally well-trained and rigorously screened team of security guards who adhere to our strict training quality standards. As a result, the reputation of our team of highly trained and proactive agents is highly respected among our clients.

Protection From The Unexpected

At Eltial, we consider Hotel guests’ comfort and security our highest priorities. Therefore, while we deploy visible guards to deter and prevent crimes, we also work behind the scenes with undercover operations without interrupting the Hotel’s schedule and avoiding inconvenience. As well as paying great attention to assigning agents excellent customer service and interpersonal skills. We understand that our guards represent your business. Therefore, every agent must undergo rigorous security training that includes all aspects of hotel security.

Hotel Security Guard Training Includes:

• Surveillance Systems
• Lock & Access Control System
• Asset Protection Tools
• Dedicated Fire / Life / Safety & Monitoring
• Comprehensive Emergency Response Plans
• Enforcement of Hotel Rules & Regulations
• Professionally Typed Incident Reports

Not to mention, with our dedicated team of experts, you will receive the best support and best practices for Hotel Security Services. As well as, using highly trained security professionals, integrated risk consulting, and state-of-the-art technology solutions, we can ensure a safe environment for your customers, faculty, and staff by analyzing and understanding the concerns and challenges that Visitors, Faculty, Staff, and Business owners face.

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