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Residential security and protective services provided by Eltial are unparalleled for those seeking higher levels of training, professionalism, and capability.

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Estate Security Services and Residential Property Protection

We at Eltial Security and Investigation Firm offer comprehensive security services for private residences and private estates, as well as 24-hour, seven-day-a-week response and coverage. Not to mention, we typically begin our engagements with a detailed threat and vulnerability assessment. Depending on your specific surveillance needs, we can provide armed and unarmed executive protection agents, electronic safeguard systems, access control, perimeter tours, barriers, and alarms. Additionally, we review and optimize your security policies and procedures as well as provide appropriate safeguard awareness training for your family, staff, and visitors.

Estate and Residential Security

Eltial utilizes state-of-the-art methods and technologies to secure the estate and its inhabitants 24/7. Also, our specialists will design, implement, and oversee these surveillance measures for you, whatever your specific needs are.

• Gates
• Fences
• Early warning entry system
• Lighting
• Ingress, egress
• Generators
• Main electric
• Main water
• Alarm system, locations, protocol
• Camera systems, locations
• Locking mechanisms
• Access controls systems
• Protocol with principles, family
• Protocol with guests, house staff
• Perimeter Security Procedural Manual
• Armed & Unarmed Security Guards

As a result of our reputation, we can attract and hire a better caliber of security personnel. Our approach at Eltial is holistic: we assist our clients in developing a surveillance program to achieve maximum effectiveness. In addition to providing actionable daily intelligence reports, our team is trained to observe, report, and respond.

In selecting Eltial to handle your residential or estate security and protection needs. Henceforth, you will find that we are never idle. Comparatively, you will find us watching over your property continuously, always looking for possible threats and intrusions. In addition, you can rest assured that we will notify you if we discover any threats or breaches. As a result, we will promptly investigate and mitigate the problem.

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