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Keep your email, your users, and your data safe with Eltial Security And Investigation Firm's email solution essentials. The industry's most comprehensive email security platform.

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Stop Spam and Malware with Inbound Filtering

Eltial's email solution essentials quickly filters, and cleans every email before it is delivered to your mail server. This is to protect you from email-borne threats. Using virus scanning, spam scoring, real-time intent analysis, URL link protection, reputation checks, and other techniques, Eltial Security And Investigation Firm email solution provides you with the best possible protection level. For this reason, Eltial's email solution Central, a global 24x7 threat operations center, constantly monitors the internet for new threats across all attack vectors and feeds this intelligence into Essentials' filtering technology.

Ninety-One Percent of Cyber Attacks Start with An Email.

Stop advanced threats

Protect your users and business from volumetric threats like malware and spam. As well as advanced threats like targeted spear phishing and ransomware.

Stay compliant and productive.

Our tamper-proof archiving ensures compliance with email retention policies. Overall email continuity ensures the delivery of emails in the event of a mail service interruption.

Keep your data safe

Protect your data from corruption and deletion with full cloud backup and recovery of every email and file. Keep sensitive data safe with data leak prevention and encryption.

Cybercriminals are counting on your users to take the bait.

Teach them to identify and respond to potential security risks with Eltial Security And Investigation Firm email solution

Simulate email threats.

Select from hundreds of real-world threat templates, taken directly from Eltial Security and Investigation Firm. In addition to our partner's email solution massive threat database and exposing your users to the latest email threat types.

No matter whether you are a personal user or need a secure email solution for your business or team, Eltial likely has all the options and features you will need.

Analyze yours/your user behavior

Receive detailed metrics on user behavior to assess your security risks and inform your training approach.

Educate to mitigate risk through email solutions

Choose from a large variety of engaging training content designed to meet your unique awareness initiatives.

Protect Outbound Email and Stop Data Leaks

Employees can inadvertently cause internal systems to become a source of spam or other malicious mail. Including outbound filtering stops outbound attacks originating from inside the network. Protecting your partners and customers and keeping you from being added to spam block lists.

Eltial Security And Investigation Firm email solution, Essentials data loss protection, and email encryption keep sensitive data—such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, HIPAA data, and more—from leaving your organization. Content policies can automatically encrypt, quarantine, or even block certain outbound emails based on their content, sender, or recipient.

Stay Compliant with Tamper-Proof Email Archiving

Compliance is now an essential requirement for most organizations, and the penalties for not meeting business and governmental regulations can be severe. Email archiving must be implemented in all areas across the organization to demonstrate and ensure that the company operates in a compliant manner and minimizes ongoing legal risk.

Eltial Security And Investigation Firm email solution Essentials provide secure cloud-based or local in your private network archiving. In short, this allows you to meet demanding compliance requirements and address e-discovery requests easily. Our policy-based approach lets you set up email retention policies to ensure that essential emails are securely archived in Eltial Security And Investigation Firm email solution secure cloud. Custom reports make it easy to demonstrate compliance with retention regulations and defend deletion policies.

Stay Connected and Productive During Downtime

In the event of a mail server outage or loss of connectivity, the Eltial Security And Investigation Firm email solution ensures that email operations continue by failing our cloud-based email service. An emergency mailbox lets users continue to send and receive emails, staying productive until your primary servers are back online.

Automate Incident Response and Get Access to Threat Insights

No email defense can protect against every email threat one hundred percent of the time. And when malicious email ends up in a user's inbox, you need to address the problem quickly. Slow, inefficient manual incident response processes too often allow the attack to spread further.

Eltial Security And Investigation Firm email solution Forensics and Incident Response automates incident responses and provides remediation options to address issues faster and more efficiently. Therefore admins can send alerts to impacted users and remove malicious emails directly from their inboxes with just a couple of clicks. Given that, the Forensics and Incident Response platform's discovery and threat insights help identify anomalies. Such as in delivering email, and providing more proactive ways to detect email threats.

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