drone fortification

Eltial Security and Investigation Firm provide appropriate powers to enable an adequate response. Drones offer a new way to commit previously unlawful activities.

White drone with digital camera flying in sky over mountain

Access Control & Continuous Protection

Some of the unique and emerging capabilities of this instrument suggest that current police leadership must adjust to meet the evolving threat. By providing counter-drone capabilities, some tactics are not intended to serve the general population.

Eltial Security and Investigation Firm facilitate access to layered, complementary counter-drone defenses; we named it Drone Fortification.

What is Drone Fortification?

Layered, complementary drone defense ensures that at-risk sites have the right combination of complementary measures to enable an adequate response. It takes the principle of the whole-system approach and applies it at the local or location level. Drone defense measures can be provided immediately. As soon as an adversary deploys to a launch site in preparation for any hostile activity.

These measures will often consist of counter-drone technology, such as geofences and equipment to detect, track, and identify (DTI). Also, effector equipment can disrupt illegally operated drones. The most effective response may often include non-technical measures. Such as physical security (e.g., fencing, screens, window bars, or anti-helicopter nets), general surveillance (e.g., CCTV or clearing lines of sight), or personnel (e.g., patrolling likely launch sites). However, these measures can prove to be prohibitively expensive in some settings.

In general, non-technical measures have already been proven, and it is readily available. However, it can be costly. Therefore, we will encourage at-risk sites to prioritize implementing these measures to mitigate malicious drone use threats. As our testing and evaluation activity matures, places will access advice over counter-drone technical capabilities suitable for your needs.

Use the full range of tools at our disposal.

Eltial’s strategy sets out several approaches specific to the instrument element of high-harm unlawful use of this apparatus. But many of these scenarios involve this device as new ways to facilitate old crimes. There are already end-to-end security approaches, such as partnering with an un-named company in Israel. Eltial Security and Investigation Firm will ensure that the benefits of these approaches will benefit our clients.

Perspective of high rise building and dark steel window system w
Empty road in a forest at early winter time. Aerial view from a drone looking down.