Cyber Security

Cyber Security encompasses preventative practices such as risk assessments that identify weaknesses in your IT system that cybercriminals can exploit. Protect your business against cyberattacks by implementing proactive measures such as anti-virus software, firewalls, email filters, system patches, and monitoring. Also, incident response plans specify who to notify and how to handle detection, containment, and eradication of security threats to minimize the consequences of a data breach.

Digital wall virus data breach, system failure due to hacker server cyber attack

Cyber Security Services

Eltial Security and Investigation Firm's Cyber Security Services are designed to protect your business 24/7 by providing vigilant security monitoring and incident response.

What are the benefits of cybersecurity for my business?

In addition to protecting businesses from vulnerabilities, these practices also protect against data breaches, resulting in costs for customers, compliance, and brand reputation. Additionally, proactive cybersecurity methods establish backup data solutions to ensure quick disaster recovery should a data breach occur.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

To protect our clients against electronic interception of their voice, text, email, and data communications, Eltial strategically partnered with a full-service communications security firm specializing in providing cutting-edge communications and digital security solutions.

Not to mention, our highly skilled and dynamic team of world-class software developers and engineers develops robust security solutions to meet our clients’ communications and digital security needs. Together we create new products to ensure that our clients’ communications remain 100% secure.

List of Services
• Secured Emails
• Encrypted File Share & Storage
• Fully Encrypted Mobile & Desktop Communications
• Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
• Social Media Intelligence
• Ongoing Monitoring & Alerting
• Real-Time Access to All Posts
• Monitor for Potential Stalking Issues
• Surveil & Track by Author, Hashtag, Keywords
• Monitor Multiple Geo-Enable Locations, Authors, Key Words, etc.

Risk Analysis Reports
• Ongoing Risk Analysis, Credential Monitoring & Alerting
• Deep/Dark Web Intelligence – Financial Data Monitoring
• Identification of Compromised Organization Owned Financial Accounts

Deep/Dark Web – Data Leak/Threat Detection & Monitoring
• Threat Intelligence Reports
• Leaked Data Discovery with Source Documentation – Additionally, We Will Provide All Documents Discovered Up to This Point
• Help Agency/Organization or Public Figure Avoid Negative Publicity, Fraud, & Exposure Through Hacker Forums & Several Other Dark Web Internet Sources

Moreover, a successful cybersecurity program requires buy-in from all levels within an organization. Therefore, to remain secure in today's environment, businesses need to make the financial and operational commitment necessary to take care of every aspect of digital security. Together with cloud security to comply with incident response.

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