Eltial Security and Investigation Firm was conceived with the singular purpose of providing counterintelligence and counterespionage services to corporate/government clients.

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The world of corporate espionage is constantly evolving. 

Governments or corporation-sponsored espionage is too familiar. Competition is relentless, and there are “no prisoners." Eltial Security and Investigation Firm's role is to track developing tactics to ensure that our clients maintain a competitive advantage. Eltial’s holistic risk assessment process allows us to correct your security system's flaws before they result in the loss of trade secrets.

In 2005, things were somewhat different. When enterprises were formed, they faced a variety of risks. As a result, technology did not play a significant role in daily life. Threats have evolved in this regard. Given that, Eltial Security and Investigation Firm's strategy has continually adjusted with a focus and agility on the future while documenting the past.

Understanding the evolution of espionage and threat counter-espionage services.

Here at, Eltial Security and Investigation Firm, our team consists of former intelligence officers. Counterintelligence technical experts have a proven track record of executing successful surveillance tasks worldwide. Therefore, protecting Eltial Security and Investigation Firm's clients' interests.

Countering espionage is heavily dependent on security risk assessments and gap/needs analysis. Alongside evaluating the technical, physical, and policy mechanisms that are in place. You might be thinking, what could be lacking or improved in summary? The answer to that is constantly changing. Eltial Security and Investigation Firm's techniques evolve as technology advances.

What are the top Espionage concerns? Here is what Eltial Security and Investigation Firm Counter Espionage devotion covers:
• Phishing
• WIFI attack
• Man-in-the-middle
• Caller ID Spoofing
• Secure data storage
• Wearable technology
• Technical Surveillance
• Staff training and lectures
• Encryption of communications
• Eavesdropping/listen-stealthily
• Unsecure office waste disposal
• Internal and external security review
• Insider Threats (Unauthorized Disclosure)
• Hacking and DoS (denial-of-service) attacks
• Countermeasures (T.S.C.M.) inspections/sweeps, or others call it Debugging.

In general, private counterintelligence consists of identifying and neutralizing ongoing active and passive security threats surrounding or aimed at your company.

Technical espionage/surveillance is amongst the most common mode of operation and can be the most cost-effective.

A USD 25 phone tap/wiretap or bugging device can result in the loss of a large amount of confidential information, causing a company's profit margin and reputation to suffer. This is also true for man-in-the-middle WIFI attacks. They can be masterminds with little technical knowledge and have a tremendous impact. Waste disposal is still a major concern, particularly for home-based Senior Management.

Another primary factor is the traveling Company Executive.

Because no matter how good your technological security or procedures are, traveling staff is likely to be vulnerable to a whole new set of threats. Especially with free wi-fi being the most serious concern.

Threats to businesses have included espionage, white-collar crime, and hacking in the last 20 years. Attacks on information technology networks, denial-of-service attacks, and the ever-present threat of viruses are examples of such threats. Another ignored hazard is the expansion of mobile technology (phones and devices)."Bring your own devices" (B.Y.O.D.s) in the office, as well as the problems that arise when these B.Y.O.D.s go missing and contain sensitive data.

Espionage and security threats to businesses are not limited to being technical. Refuse disposal, waste management, and critical individuals are all areas that can be targeted.

Psychology is frequently used to obtain information from key personnel.

It is vital that management and key personnel understand the value of information use and communication daily. The primary indicator used is M.I.C.E. (Money, Ideology, Coercion, Ego)

Internal Security Policies

A successful security policy does not need to be expensive and is not difficult to implement. In fact, the more straightforward the procedure, the better and more effective it is.

Eltial Security and Investigation Firm can assist your company or organization in developing a thorough and comprehensive internal security policy that is both practical and cost-effective. Before developing any internal security policy, we would do a complete security analysis and examine your current security levels, management hierarchy status, authority status, and comprehension. Because of the nature of business competition, people will want to know your secrets, your new product, who your clientele is, and your margins/P.N.L. (Profit and Loss) for each account.

As part of private detective services, counterintelligence can be employed to gather false information or documents that can adversely affect a client's life, company, or organization. Our expertise as private investigators allows us to examine situations and groups of people in order to detect patterns and identify suspicious behavior.

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