Corporate counter espionage

The world of corporate espionage is constantly evolving. Unfortunately, government or corporation-sponsored espionage is all too common. Competition is relentless, and there are no “prisoners.”

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corporate counter intelligence

Our role is to track developing tactics to ensure that our clients maintain a competitive advantage. In addition, our holistic risk assessment process allows us to correct flaws in your security system before they result in the loss of trade secrets.

The purpose of Corporate Counterintelligence is to protect sensitive business information from unauthorized access, sabotage, and theft.

Trade secrets and intellectual property are among this type of sensitive information. Among the many services we provide at Eltial Security and Investigation Firm, we specialize in counterintelligence. Using our collective expertise, we investigate Corporate Espionage and Insider Threats.

Often referred to as industrial espionage or corporate spying, corporate espionage is a serious problem facing U.S. businesses today, resulting in hundreds of billions of dollars of annual losses. Although this is not a new crime, Internet surveillance and theft have greatly benefited from it. The main distinction between Economic Espionage and Corporate Espionage relates to the origin and loyalty of the offender. It's mostly foreign governments or their agents doing economic espionage. A competitor or agent of a competitor is responsible for Corporate Espionage or the theft of Trade Secrets.

When executed correctly, economic espionage is a covert operation. Therefore, a victim of economic espionage should not be aware that they have been picked off. The media, however, regularly reports stories about economic espionage. The reason for this is that successful attacks, which did not remain covert, are being confirmed more frequently. In this case, the increase is due to the increased number of successful attacks that did not remain hidden.

The consequences of economic espionage often go unnoticed until it is too late, which results in immense losses.

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