CCTV & Analytics Solutions

In video analytics, the main objective is to automatically recognize temporal and spatial events. Analytics can detect suspicious behavior, non-compliance with traffic signs, or the sudden appearance of flames and smoke.

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What are CCTV and Video Analytics?

Due to a lack of time or resources, video surveillance systems generate massive amounts of video. However, the majority of these videos are never viewed. Therefore, security incidents are missed, and suspicious behavior is not detected in time to prevent them. This has led to the development of video analytics. Using this software, security guards or system managers will be able to review surveillance videos that they may not have time to watch. Video surveillance systems are only as valuable as the incidents you can capture and manage. Your surveillance system will be more effective if you use CCTV. Making your IP camera system more intelligent reduces the workload for security and management staff, as well as helping you capture the total value of security video.

Smarter Video Analytics
Eltial offers a more brilliant analytics solution. We provide preventative protection through proven self-learning data technology using high-definition video analytics, pattern-based algorithms, and teach-by-example capabilities.

Analyze video in Full HD
Eltial analytics technology leverages our knowledge of managing high-definition video to analyze in full HD resolution, without any encoding or loss of quality. As a result, we deliver greater accuracy and a higher level of protection to keep your assets safe and secure.

True Preventative Protection
Eltial's technology, paired with our 1–3 MP high-definition cameras, provides excellent perimeter protection. In addition, our HD Pro cameras (4–7K, based on horizontal resolution) provide the coverage and detail needed to identify and verify irrefutable evidence.

Add Existing Third-Party Cameras
Want the benefits of self-learning analytics technology but do not want to waste your current investment? The ACC ES Analytics Appliance easily integrates with any third-party Internet Protocol (IP) camera, enabling you to get real-time preventative protection.

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