fingerprint and background checks

We conduct background checks and public record searches for a variety of reasons. 

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Background checks

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, we encounter more people than ever before. Whether vetting a new nanny or verifying that your significant other does not have a secret life or evaluating a potential business partner, wouldn't it be nice to know the person is who they claim to be and not hiding anything?

Name-Based Background Checks

We at Eltial use a candidate’s personally identifiable information (PII) to search for criminal history and other information. PII includes not just the candidate’s name but also information like:
• Date of Birth (DOB)
• Social Security Number (SSN)
• Driver’s License Number

The candidate’s PII allows us to look broadly for information using national and local sources. When we find records matching the candidate's PII, it will be used as a "pointer" to a specific county, state, or federal agency. Then we will search the source of these jurisdictions.

As a result of this process, we can gather information from national and local databases and federal and county courts.

Our team understands that the turnaround time for pre-employment background screenings is essential. However, as you support your candidates’ placement and onboarding schedules, you generally do not want to wait any longer than possible for sources to return information.

Fingerprint and Biometric Technology

Businesses are collecting and using biometric info for many reasons, including payment authentication, security screening, timekeeping, and fraud detection. Furthermore, over the years, we have seen a rising growth of employers making the switch from traditional forms of security and access control to biometric technology due to a whole set of reasons. Biometric technology gives employers the freedom to streamline their authentication process.

Due to the physical attributes involved in identifying personnel, biometric technology provides a more robust, advanced level of security and access control/management over traditional counterparts. Eltial can implement biometrics as a solution to a whole host of challenges your organization faces on a day-to-day basis.

Here at Eltial, we can access various databases not available to the general public to conduct these types of background checks. An individual's criminal history, driving record, and other personal information can be verified by us. In addition, we can conduct deeper background checks based on the specific needs of employers seeking additional information. Such as verification of previous employment and educational credentials, and in-person visits to neighbors' homes.

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