Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Eltial TSCM Inspections

Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM)

Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) services offer a means to protect your information from highly sophisticated security threats. Coupled with technology moving at the speed of light, so do the “bugs.”

Not to mention, they are smaller, more sophisticated, and can perform various unimaginable tasks. Eltial technicians will be performing both physical and technological sweeps of your environment.

Not to mention, Eltial will ensure continued operational and financial credibility. Not to mention, and most importantly, we exercise complete discretion in all matters.

Who Gets Bugged?
High-Threat Business Scenarios
• Having a publicly-traded stock (or one that will be soon)
Privet and Comercial airplanes
• Having labor problems, union activities, or negotiations
• Litigation or litigation involving your company
• Your company has layoffs pending (or they have just happened)
• Trade secrets are at risk for your company if you are doing business in any industry (fashion, automotive, advertising, technology, etc.)

Identically anyone can be the target of covert eavesdropping; however, some people are at greater risk than others because of financial position, occupation, legal, or domestic situations.

• Spouses bug each other regularly.
• Parents bug children
• Businesses bug other businesses.
• Scientists bug other scientists.
• Students bug professors
• Attorneys bug other attorneys as well as their clients.
• Insurance companies bug accident victims in addition to other claimants.
• Salesmen bug clients
• Collection agencies bug debtors
• Police officers bug suspects
• Executive recruiters bug personnel directors
• Music fans bug musicians
• Department stores bug customers and merchandise.
• Together with neighbors, coworkers, friends, enemies, strangers, your spouse, industrial spies, government agents, insurance company, or even your boss.

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