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Eltial’s mission is to safeguard not only you but also your personal and commercial properties. Therefore, Eltial strives to provide the best services, such as on-site armed and unarmed guards and security services. In addition, our team will work with you to offer custom services to meet all of your needs.

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Security Personnel

Our private security guard services extend to various commercial and residential markets. This includes construction and industrial sites, retail centers, healthcare, educational facilities, warehouses, financial institutions, residential/commercial communities, and the hospitality industry.

Eltial strives to recruit the very best in the industry. As a result, our vast majority of agents, armed officers, and management come from the military, law enforcement, or have extensive security backgrounds in the private sector.

Eltial guards are trained and certified by the American Heart Association for CPR and first aid and the use of AED (automatic electrical defibrillator).

Eltial Takes Pride in Holding Our Security Guards to The Highest Standards:
• Background Checks
• Drug Testing
• Clear Driving Record

We carefully select and train our security guards and bodyguards so they can anticipate, prevent, and manage any scenario that could pose a threat to people, properties, or assets.

We have a team of dedicated professionals ready to handle any situation. As a result, our guards possess an in-depth understanding of how the modern security landscape is ever-changing and dynamic. Our training emphasizes adaptability, agility, and flexibility, as well as providing a personable, respectful, and friendly service.

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